Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kindergarten Countdown

This year has been filled with enthusiasm, kindness, hard work, and a LOT of learning.  These students are having fun finishing the year with special events each day of the week. On Monday, it was Ocean Day as well as "Wear Your Sports Shirt" Day.  On Tuesday, it was Backwards Day where the students were able to wear their shirts, hats, or dresses backwards.  Today was Field Days and the theme was Candy Land.  We wanted to get a class picture of all of us in our shirts before the activities.  Field Days was made possible by all the volunteers, parents, and teachers but especially Ms. Canfield our P.E. teacher who organized each activity.  Thank you for all who helped out and made this awesome day possible.  Tomorrow will be "Fancy Pants" Day-which means all the students can come in fancy clothes as we send the 5th grade students off to the middle school in style. 

It has been a wonderful year.  I am greatly honored to have worked with these amazing students, caring families, and outstanding colleagues; who make learning so meaningful for these children. The students are excited for their transition into first grade and I am also getting ready for my transition as well.  I will be teaching second grade at Dothan Brook School in the fall and I am so excited for that upcoming adventure. Dothan Brook School is indeed, a very special place and I am so proud to be a part of it.  

I hope everyone has a fun and restful summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall. 


Tara MacCallum

Swimming in Science

In the first picture students are discussing what objects they think will sink or float before they carry out the experiment. At one station children are creating their own ocean bubbles as well as trying to catapult colored fish back into the center of their school of fish. You can also see the classes enjoying an ocean snack of blue jello waves, goldfish, celery seaweed, and carrot coral. It was a great day. We finished our ocean unit by watching "Finding Nemo". 

Sandy Centers

The three kindergarten classes were participating in Ocean Day. There were a variety of activities that explored the science behind the ocean environment. One group was feeling textures of sand and different surfaces of shells. Another center was creating a mural of the animals that live in that setting. The third and fourth picture down show students doing a ring toss trying to catch a fish while other students were creating "waves" with the parachute. Puzzles and other crafts were activities students would create to form connections to animals and plants that live in the ocean.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Shimmering Scales!

The class has been reading a bunch of "The Rainbow Fish" stories by Marcus Pfister as well as "The Pout-Pout Fish" stories by Deborah Diesen.  We outlined our own fish in crayons from our imaginations and then brushed over our designs with paint. It creates an awesome effect and a cool texture. When it dries we will add shimmery paper to our scales!  We love our projects!

Fantastic Fish

Our catepillar and flowers have turned into seaweed and an ocean creature as the class added their fish and seahorses to the bulletin board. The students ripped many pieces of tissue paper to create their artwork.  We have been learning a lot of facts about the ocean and its animals. We are excited for Ocean Day on Monday, where we will have a variety of stations set up all relating to the ocean.  We hope you can join!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bubbly Beginnings

The class wanted to have one group picture with Ms. Camille before she finishes her semester of student teaching and graduates high school in the weeks to come. We also are ending the year, learning about the creatures of the ocean. The students are pleased with their octopuses. 

Plentiful Plants

The class has finished studying the life cycles of plants and we all grew Marigolds and sunflowers. 
They are spouting very nicely.  The bulletin board was created by Mrs. Shepard, Ms. Camille ( our high school intern) and our students as we count down our last days of school.