Monday, March 11, 2019

Week of March 11th Update

Hello families of second grade,

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  As you probably heard from your child, I was out sick Wednesday through Friday of last week.  The class and I were getting back into the swing of things today.  

I sent home new reading logs.  The students do not need to write a sentence but they still need to include the date, the title of the book, the number of minutes, and a parent signature.  They will keep these reading logs until the paper is filled and then I will give them a new one.  These reading logs will help me more easily keep track of minutes for the final score of each student, before April Vacation.

There are two lists of spelling words this week.  The first list is focusing on "ur", "ure" and "ear" words.  These words are:
1. pure
2. earth
3. curl
4. pearl
5. turn
6. yearn
7. sure
8. earn
9. cure
10. lure
11. church
12. learn
13. burst
14. heard
15. hurt
16. search

The second list of words focuses on short and long a.  These words are:
1. cap
2. sat
3. lake
4. tape
5. wave
6. maze
7. bake
8. made
9. plan
10. last
11. shade
12. sale
13. flat
14. base
15. late

Your child will know what word list they have.  I have decided that I will not have the students complete spelling practice for homework.  However, I want families to have the word list in case parents want their child to practice at home for the spelling quizzes on Fridays.

We are currently making progress in taking notes to compose our research papers about animals.  The students have been gathering information about their animal's habitat, physical appearance, adaptations, family unit, and other interesting facts they want to include.  The students will be writing and typing these papers in final draft form in the weeks to come.

All second grade students have completed the Primary Numbers and Operations Assessment.  We will be working in small groups to continue to strengthen areas of difficulty, or to challenge students in their thinking and connections.

Tomorrow we have Susan Shimko from the Ava Gallery coming into our class in the afternoon.  She is going to teach us a lesson about a Mexican Artist and the technique they used in their artwork.

Thank you to all the families who have signed up for a parent teacher conference time for next week.  Here is the link again for anyone who still needs to sign up.

If there are any other questions or trouble signing up, feel free to email me back.  Have a wonderful night!


Ms. Mac

Taco Cat Golf Course

The second grade students have been working hard on their Taco Cat golf course with Mrs. Broderick in Art class and in our classroom.   The course is coming alive! 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Great Greenhouses

The Second Grade Class had a wonderful last lesson with Laura, Katharine, Dilan, and Adeline from Growing Change.  After creating blue prints with the class, the college students helped second grade make real-life durable greenhouses.  The kids had a fantastic time building these end of the unit projects with their college leaders.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Week of February 25th Update

Hello Second Grade Families,
This has been a fun and busy week back from break.  The students have been getting back into the swing of things and working hard!
Announcements and Reminders:
-This Friday at 9:25 am the students in 2-5th grade who have been practicing routines with Josh (from Circus Smirkus) will be performing in the all school assembly.  It will be about 40 minutes to an hour long.  It will be a great show.  The students have kept many acts and their tricks a secret, so it is exciting to be able to see what they have been practicing.  Thank you to all the families who have invited Josh to stay with them or by giving him gift certificates and cards to local restaurants while he has been at DBS.
- Tomorrow night at 6pm is also Movie night at DBS.  The students will be watching “Wreck-it Ralph Breaks the Internet” and the parents will be able to watch the Resilience Documentary.
-The class has really improved with their computer skills, and have been writing and typing papers about their February break.  From the sounds of all their papers, everyone had a great time!  We will also be continuing to write and type about non-fiction interests in this month as well. I have been keeping all their papers in their files and I can show you this at parent conferences.  You will get all these papers at the end of the year.
-Students have been doing a wonderful job with their spelling homework and quizzes.  All students have increased levels since December.
- Reading logs are back on track now that we are back from February break.  Since we are more than half way through the year I do expect student to write one or two sentences about each the reading they did each night.  Each night they will be able to get 2 points.  1-if they did the reading and wrote the number of minutes and 2-if they wrote 1-2 sentences.  I explained to the students that from this week until April Vacation I will be keeping track of how many minutes each child read and I will be giving all students their final minutes of reading they completed before April Break.  Students who make it to 420 minutes by the Friday before April break will get prizes.   To get to this goal, it only takes 15 minutes of reading a night. 
-In science we have started learning about how seeds of trees and plants travel through wind, water, and animals and this is why you can find the same trees in completely different environments.
-In math the students have been diligently practicing adding two and three digit numbers.  We have been really focused on identifying place value of the hundred’s, ten’s and one’s place as they practice their addition and using math manipulatives.  We have also been dedicated to skip counting by 100’s and 10’s from any number: 5, 105, 205, 305, and for tens: 135, 145, 155, 165, and so on.   Our goal is to be able to teach students all the numbers up to 1000 and have the students feel comfortable skip counting at any number between 0-1,000.   The class has been doing a great job!
The classroom blog has more pictures from before and after break.  Here is the link so you can take a look:
If you have any questions feel free to email back.
Ms. Mac ☺

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Amazing Students!

In the past month our school has been identifying hobbies, passions, and talents that the students feel they are amazing at.  We all have different skills and interests, and as a community we celebrate what makes each one of us unique.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Building Blue Prints

The second grade class had another visit from the Growing Change Dartmouth students before our February break.  The college students were helping our class construct blue prints for the green house ideas that the second graders had in a previous lesson.  Everyone was engaged and excited to particpate in creating the blue prints.

Valentine's Day Decorations and Activities

The students had a wonerful time celebrating their classmates and friendships on Valentine's Day before the February Break.  We recieved many decilous and generous cards and treats!  We are very lucky to be part of the Dothan Brook School community and that there are so many caring people!