Sunday, December 2, 2018

Gingerbread Goodies

The students have been getting into the winter season and were eager to decorate the annual class gingerbread house with Mrs. Krom, for the Gingerbread House Festival!

Water and Erosion Experiments

Outside from our PBL Monarch Butterfly unit, we have been carrying on with our Mystery Science lessons.  Recently, the class has been learning about water and how it travels.  In the first group of pictures the students created their own mountain replica out of crumpled paper that was unfolded part-way.  The students formed an hypothesis about where the water would travel on the mountain.  They learned that water travels from high elevations to low elevations and saw that all the water went into the lower valleys through the creases in their paper.

The second batch of pictures shows the erosion lesson they participated in.  The students had big boulders made out of brown constuction paper.  Every 20 seconds they had to tear the boulder in half and move it to their next page of their picture.  The class did this cycle about six times until they came to the end of the drawing.  The drawing started with a river on a moutain and the river ended by the ocean.  The students noticed how small and tiny their boulders became once they made it to the sea.  The students connected that erosion was when the boulders were bumped, cracked, and broken as they were being transported from the mountain down to the ocean. 

Giving Color and Life to our Projects

The second graders wanted to be sure and include Mrs. Broderick's artwork they completed, in their Monarch Butterly presentations!

Thoughts are Powerful!

The students realized that their thoughts can turn into actions! They have witnessed how their first sketches helped in creating their final design for their butterfly projects!